A collection of recipes for gourmet game sausages and burgers, which has been refined over a period of years by an ex-gamekeeper, is being made available under license to shoots around the UK.

Creator Alan Loftus’ game produce has attracted a significant following in his home county of Devon, selling the produce at farmers markets and into restaurants and hotels under his own trading name ‘Bampton Game’.
The unique recipes, trademarked as Keeper’s™, have optimum meat content and flavoursome ingredients such as Venezuelan Cacao. Varieties include: Pheasant and Chilli Sausage; Pheasant and Marmalade Sausage; Pheasant and Garlic Burger; Pheasant and Onion Burger; Venison Burger.


lan Loftus will have processed over 15,000 pheasants in 2013 to provide for the local demand.

For the first time, Alan is inviting shoots, gamekeepers and food producers around the UK to replicate his success in their own localities by purchasing a license. The Keeper’s model realises the optimum food value in a shoot’s game birds, via proven recipes, subsequently returning a sound profit to the licensee.

In addition to the patented recipes, the Keeper’s license priced at £5000 includes training, branded packaging and exclusive ingredients.

The Keeper’s Pheasant and Marmalade Sausage was awarded Bronze in the sausage category of the Taste of the West Awards 2013, the first and only entry submitted by Alan Loftus, amid very stiff competition from established Westcountry pork lines.


Alan Loftus has been involved in the game industry all his working life, both running shoots and carrying out conservation work in the countryside, and is passionate about the role of game in British food.

He said “I feel passionately that the game we shoot must be have a place in the food market. “Britain has not been a great consumer of game, and it saddens me to see the majority of our birds exported to the continent. “My vision was to create delicious recipes that will entice more to enjoying this wild, lean and healthy food, and I’m delighted to now be in a position to share this expertise”.

Bampton Game is one of the many shooting businesses that have benefitted from support from the Country Sports South West project, co-funded by the BASC, now in its third and final year. Manager of the project, Annette Cole, commented “Businesses have flourished with the support of the project, none more so than the game foods sector, where we’ve worked hard to introduce game onto the menus of top chefs, alongside public cookery demonstrations and tastings. “We believe Alan’s model is a proven solution for shoots, meeting consumer demands for provenance, low food miles and nutritious content.”

Those interested in discussing the Keeper’s licensing opportunity should contact Alan Loftus at Bampton Game on 01398 332142 or visit www.bamptongame.com

For more information, please visit this website www.bamptongame.com






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