The Bolton EstateThe Bolton Estate offers world class shooting, particularly for grouse and pheasant. Our 5,000 acres of heather moorland are managed primarily as grouse moors, which has preserved this stunning and iconic landscape as well as the huge diversity of wildlife that can only flourish on well-keepered moorland, including many non game species, such as a range of waders, ouzels, dunlin, stone chats, birds of prey and song birds.  We manage our moorland in agreement with Natural England and have membership of The Moorland Association.

The undulating terrain of the Yorkshire Dales provides the perfect features required for presenting high pheasants.  Our most renowned beat is Bolton Ghyll, where the original Holland and Holland High Pheasant tuition video was filmed.  These birds will test the most accomplished shots.  Some of our guests prefer to use heavy loads, although the majority can be killed with 30gms of 6 shot and a well placed shot.  A guest recently used a laser range finder to establish the height of these birds, which averaged 60 yards, with some over 90.

Excellent numbers of woodcock migrate to Bolton every year, which also has a small resident population and this has enabled three people to achieve the coveted right and left in the last three years.

We have small populations of Black Game and Grey Partridge, however a voluntary ban is strictly enforced by the Estate.

Almost all of our let days are run by Lord Bolton or his son, Tom Orde-Powlett and the guns are treated exactly as guests on our family days would be.  The relaxed, welcoming and personal atmosphere which this creates is commented on by many of our visitors. 2 Grouse days still available 23/24 August or 26/27 August. All enquiries to

The Bolton Estate is proud to manage all shooting in line with The British Association of Shooting and Conservation’s code of good practice.


We are incredibly lucky to have some wonderful rough ground, supporting a variety of wild game and rabbits and have hosted several field trials, including The Spaniel Championships in recent years.  The Pointer Championships also spend two days at Bolton every year.  Due to the high demand, we are now letting rough shooting, particularly for dog trainers.  These days are run by Andrew Robinson, who is an experienced trainer and an ‘A Panel’ judge.  He is able to give advice to amateurs and also welcomes professional trainers and experienced ‘trialers’, who do not need any help, but enjoy the opportunity of working dogs of such prolific ground.  For further information, please contact Andrew directly on 01969 666817.


12th August to 10th December: Grouse season
12th August to 31st January: Snipe season
1st September to 31st January: Duck and Geese season
1st September to 1st February: Partridge season
21st October to 1st February: Pheasant season (voluntary, season technically starts on 1st October)
1st April to 31st October: Roe Bucks season
1st November to 31st March: Roe Does season
6th April to 31st October: Salmon & Sea Trout season on the Ure
22nd March to 30th September: Trout season on the Ure
16th June to 14th March: Grayling season on the Ure

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I’m writing to inform you of the Lantra accredited loaders course we’ve been delivering to estates from Scotland to Devon for the last 4 years now. It has had 100% positive feedback from all the keepers; loaders and sporting agents whom have attended. The crucial practical elements in the afternoon after the morning theory session: stuffing; double-gunning and grouse technique have been greatly valued.

    Should you wish to have any references J.M. Osbourne Ltd., Ian Coley; Tarrant Shoot, Eastbury Estate; Badminton Estate; etc. may vouch for the delivery and course provided.

    Kind regards,

  2. Andrew says:

    Looking for grouse shooting between 25th and 30th August single gun. Please could you get back to me .

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