Jo Garlick has lived in the Yorkshire Dales all her life and is fascinated by all elements of the natural world, especially wildlife.  She studied at Newcastle University and received an Honours Degree in Fine Art.  Since obtaining her degree, she has had work accepted by various galleries in Yorkshire and the North East.

JG4Jo’s love of art started atJG3 an early age – besides the drawing, painting and sculpture which she was naturally drawn to, her father had an old SLR camerawhich he allowed her to use, and she was fascinated by the many and various results she could get with differing compositions and light.  Her interest in photography means that her camera is always at the ready to capture landscape and wildlife, inspiring her sometimes unusual pictures.

JG1Jo works predominantly in soft pastels, using the medium to create vibrant pictures not only of British wildlife but also of a broad spectrum of landscapes inspired by the character and heritage of the area.  She also loves to capture the personalities of her own and other peoples’ animals, and her little black Cocker Spaniel “Inca” is her constant companion whether she is out walking in the dales or working at her easel.  She happily accepts commissions for this type of work.

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