Ledsham Shoot

North Yorkshire

Days available for 2013/14 season

150 to 200 bird days of pheasant and partridge.

For details phone Graham on:

07944 561846

Email: woodlandsgame@hotmail.co.uk




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  1. Dear Sir,

    I’m writing to inform you of the Lantra accredited loaders courses I’ve been providing and delivering through my company A L Rural, which we’ve been delivering to estates from Scotland to Devon for the last 4 years now. It has had 100% positive feedback from all the keepers; loaders and sporting agents whom have attended. The crucial practical elements in the afternoon after the morning theory session: stuffing; double-gunning and grouse technique have been greatly valued.

    Should you wish to have any references J.M. Osbourne Ltd., Ian Coley; Tarrant Shoot, Eastbury Estate; Badminton Estate; etc. may vouch for the delivery and course provided.

    Kind regards,

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