About UsThe Yorkshire Country Sports Tourism Group was formed in 2012 in order to showcase Yorkshire as one of the top country sports destinations in the world.

Yorkshire is widely recognised within the shooting world for spectacular grouse moors to rival those in Scotland.  It is estimated that shooting is worth £1.6billion to the UK economy each year and supports the equivalent of 70,000 full time jobs in the UK and the estimated worth to the economy in Yorkshire is £200million.

Country Sports Yorkshire (CSY) is a tourism project being set up to ensure that Yorkshire, which is renowned for its moorlands, landscapes and an area of natural beauty, is a premier tourist destination for country sports and celebrated for its local game and fish.

A large number of activity providers across Yorkshire which offer fishing, shooting and riding and horse racing are now linking up with the project to help their businesses grow and benefit from the specific targeting of new country sports visitors to the region, centralising and improving the visitor experience and participation in a variety of country sports.






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